PA State Senator Daylin Leach Challenges SAM to debate

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State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) today sent an open letter to former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy, founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, inviting him to publicly debate marijuana policy.

Leach is the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 528, which would legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania. He is the co-prime sponsor of Senate Bill 1182, which would regulate medical marijuana in the Commonwealth.

Kennedy’s group opposes these measures and has fought policies like these across the United States.

See letter and full article here.

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Wilkes Barre Cannabis Reform Rally

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We are so excited for the Wilkes Barre Cannabis Reform Rally. This past Sunday, Erica and I from the Keystone Cannabis Coalition met up with Jesse Nova of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Cannabis Network at the site of the rally in Kirby Park. It’s a beautiful location and it will make for some positive vibrations.

We have some cool entertainment. George Wesley will be laying down some reggae vibes. He’s coming on right at 1:00 so make sure you are on time.

Then after that we are going to hear from some good speakers. We have medical cannabis advocates who are going to tell their personal stories and why they support medical cannabis in Pa. We are going to discuss all aspects of the much needed cannabis and hemp reform in this state.

If there is enough interest we may have a picnic after the rally. We are definitely going to have a good time. If it rains, absolutely no biggie because we’ve got the pavilion. The park is so beautiful and laid back that my only concern is that it’s hard for me to maintain my righteous anger in an environment. I guess I’ll have to be more laid back for this one haha. Make no mistake though, in between the fun and good times you are going to hear a little passion, I’m sure.

The rally is going to get the word out to a lot of people. The people of Wilkes Barre and all throughout Pennsylvania are ready for a change. Why should our farmers miss out on the exciting new agricultural revolution of industrial hemp? Why should sick and suffering people be deprived of medical cannabis that more than 1 1/2 million people currently use in 23 different states? Why should one more person go to jail for a plant that we should clearly legalize, tax and regulate?

Something beautiful is happening in Pennsylvania and all of us get to be a part of it. It is the unfolding of a real movement that is becoming a political force to be reckoned with. We have the power within us to not only change Pennsylvania but the world.

We are the Keystone State. Take out the keystone and everything falls. When we change the Keystone State the national prohibition of cannabis and hemp will fall faster than the Berlin Wall.

Can’t wait to see everyone there. I hope you are as excited as Erica, Jesse and I are about it. Share the news, the event and meme with everyone you know. We have a month to get the word out and we expect a good turnout and positive media coverage.


(And have some fun too.)

See you there and remember…


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The revelation kept Sen. Mike Folmer awake until 4 a.m.

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The revelation kept Sen. Mike Folmer awake until 4 a.m.

Folmer pored over studies and news articles while his wife, Sheila, wondered why he lingered at their computer all weekend.

Folmer, a conservative Republican from Lebanon County, had changed his mind on medical marijuana.

“The human race has been using cannabis for medical purposes for thousands of years,” Folmer said. “It’s only the last 70 years in this country that we haven’t.”

Folmer met with constituents whose children have epilepsy who heard how certain forms of marijuana can curb potentially fatal seizures. The evidence they provided dispelled his “preconceived notions,” and now Folmer is half of a bipartisan team looking to legalize cannabis for medical use in Pennsylvania.

Folmer joined Sen. Daylin Leach, 53, a Democrat from Montgomery County, to sponsor a plan to legalize and regulate medical marijuana. This week, Folmer, 58, is speaking at town hall meetings in Export and Bradford Woods to discuss Senate Bill 1182.

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York Rally promoted in the Evening Sun

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Full Article

Medical marijuana activists will take to the streets of York City on Sept. 6 for the York Cannabis Reform Rally, according to Keystone Cannabis Coalition’s Facebook page.

The two-hour demonstration will begin at 3 p.m. on Continental Square in downtown York.

“Join us in reminding our elected officials we want S.B. 1182 passed now,” states the event flyer, which has appeared on other social media pages.

S.B. 1182, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act, was proposed in January by Sen. Mike Folmer, a Republican serving York, Lebanon and Dauphin counties. The bill would legalize marijuana for medical purposes in Pennsylvania.

The bill most recently cleared the Senate Law and Justice Committee unanimously, and awaits a vote in the Senate Appropriations Committee before it can reach the Senate floor. The state’s General Assembly reconvenes on Sept. 15.

A similar rally is also planned at the Capitol on Sept. 15 according to similar flyers on social media pages.

A polls reveal at least 81 percent of Pennsylvania’s registered voters favor legalizing marijuana for medical use.

For more information on the Keystone Cannabis Coalition, visit

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