The Best Facebook Page & Group for Cannabis Reform in Pennsylvania

The Best Facebook Page & Group for Cannabis Reform in Pennsylvania

Posted by on Jun 30, 2016 in Blog

DemandChangeSo you’ve heard about Pennsylvania legalizing medical cannabis, maybe you’ve heard something about the state trying to legalize hemp and didn’t you hear something about the state trying to legalize it?

You have this burning desire to know every little detail about what is going on in the state but all you hear are soundbites every now and then and rumors around the water cooler and in the brake room at work. What’s the best way to really know just what the heck is going on?

The answer is easy.

Keystone Cannabis Coalition is the best page on Facebook or anywhere for that matter to keep right up to the minute on every single thing going on in the drive for cannabis reform in Pennsylvania.

Keystone Cannabis Coalition is the new name for the old page called Pennsylvania Hempland Security. PHS was started on November 10, 2012 from that very first day until today in 2016 we have kept our subscribers better informed on the movement for medical cannabis, industrial hemp, decriminalization and legalization in Pennsylvania than anyone else out there. Those who pay attention know this.

KCC_FaviconIn July of 2014 we formed an official 501 C-4 non-profit organization called the Keystone Cannabis Coalition and a few months ago finally changed the name of the page to more accurately reflect who we are.

Not a day goes by when we are not searching out the best information to provide our subscribers. We stay constantly vigilant and rarely miss anything. What sets us apart further though is that we are a REAL WORLD activist organization. Our work is not just behind the keyboard but in the streets of our cities and in the halls of power in Harrisburg.

-e600af4c0bd78b2aKeeping you informed is just one aspect of our mission. We have also organized 16 rallies – six in Lancaster, threw in York, two in Reading, two in Wilkes Barre (with Jesse Nova and the Northeastern Pennsylvania Cannabis Network), one in West Chester, one in Harrisburg (with Campaign for Compassion) and one in Bristol (with C4C).

11900085_10153493628905937_213938213859231648_nPlus we organized a hempcrete workshop, hemp history event, hemp press conference and participated in dozens of other rallies, press conferences, panel discussion, lectures, town halls, committee hearings, city council meetings, conferences, etc. etc.
So when you come to Keystone Cannabis Coalition you know that not only are you getting an overwhelming amount of information but it is coming from the people who are on the front lines of the battle and are often the driving force behind the very news they are sharing.

Take some time to go through the photo albums and you will get an idea of how active we have been. Click on the past events and you will see the movement we have helped to create in Pennsylvania. Watch the videos. You will learn a lot about our journey that we have been on together.

Keystone Cannabis Coalition is not just a Facebook page. We are a movement. While the main page is great for sharing information it is not always conducive to in-depth discussion. For that, I invite you to our Facebook discussion group page here. The Keystone Cannabis Coalition group page has some of the best minds, most articulate and informed spokesmen and women and is chock full of the best and most renowned activists in the state.

unityCoalition is a key word in our name and our mission. Our good friend, the legendary Patrick K. Nightingale of Pittsburgh NORML and the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society is a regular. So is Chris Goldstein, the nationally known writer and activist from Philly NORML, Freedom Leaf and many other endeavors.

In fact we have a lot of people from both Pittsburgh and Philly NORML in our group. Almost all of the women we call the Mama Bears, the ones who led the charge for medical cannabis in Pa. are there such as Lolly Bentch Myers, Dana Ulrich and dozens more. (I would name them all but there are dozens and they all are equally awesome.)

We have activists from Lancaster NORML, Pennsylvanians for Safe Access, Northeastern Pennsylvania Cannabis Network and the Pennsylvania Marijuana Party in there. We have lawyers, politicians, writers, activists and everyday people. In other words, it’s a meeting of the minds.

imagesWQW7MA22The KCC group page is an activist page and we only let people in who are from Pennsylvania and want to work like crazy to change the antiquated cannabis and hemp laws of this state. It is a closed group so our conversations are private.

We invite everyone to participate but we do have some posting guidelines. You will not find irrelevant memes, pictures of buds, funny videos, amusing stories and all sorts of random stories about cannabis. We focus in like a laser beam on the mission to change the laws of Pennsylvania and keeping informed of everything that is going on. We only make posts that have to do with anything related to the following:

1. Medical cannabis in Pennsylvania
2. Industrial hemp in Pennsylvania
3. Decriminalization of cannabis in Pennsylvania
4. Full legalization of cannabis
5. Events in Pennsylvania pertaining to 1,2,3 or 4
6. Discussion on how we can pass, implement or improve 1,2,3 or 4


Spread the word. The Keystone Cannabis Coalition main page currently has 11,495 people but we need 20,000. The group page has a bit over 2,500 but we need 5,000.

We are building a movement and we need YOU to be a part of it. Thank you for coming along with us on this journey towards full legalization of cannabis.

Together we WILL make change in Pennsylvania!