The cause is not self sustainable

The cause is not self sustainable

Posted by on Aug 30, 2015 in Blog

unityWhat if you knew of an organization in Pennsylvania that promised to introduce a hemp bill and actually delivered and got not one but TWO hemp bills introduced – one in the State Senate and one in the House?

What if that same organization promised to lobby for joint hearings between the State Senate and House Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committees and succeeded in making those hearings happen and even provided written testimony?

What if the leaders of the organization actually know the governor of Pennsylvania and have close ties with the right-hand-man of the governor?

Then you found out that same organization worked with the Bernville Grange and got them to adopt a pro-hemp resolution, then worked with the Berks County Grange to pass the same resolution that was affirmed at the Pa. State Grange level?

What if you knew that they worked with Lancaster City Council last year and persuaded them to pass a resolution and memorial to the Pa. General Assembly in favor of medical cannabis? Then you found out that they are right now, this moment, engaged in a dialogue with council again to persuade them to pass a decriminalization ordinance like the one that Philly passed?

Then you found out that they are also initiating a campaign to work with Reading City Council to pass a decriminalization ordinance there?

What if that organization organized six legalization rallies in Lancaster, two rallies in Reading, two rallies in York, two rallies in Wilkes Barre, a rally in West Chester and an epic rally in the Rotunda of the State Capitol in Harrisburg? Plus they organized a hempcrete workshop and a hemp conference?

What if you found out they have cultivated outstanding relationships with many state senators, state representatives, high ranking members in the Pa. Department of Agriculture, every other activist organization in the state and many individuals who are the movers and the shakers?

What if you knew the leaders of the organization were some of the most dedicated and effective activists in the state? That one is the foremost hemp historian in the state and author of the book Hempstone Heritage and the other is a person of tremendous intellect, skills and abilities and they have a super outstanding small team around them? And they have done many radio interviews, speeches, TV interviews and newspaper features?

What if you found out they have attended and helped document dozens of other town halls, panel discussion, debates, conferences, conventions and rallies, and many times trudged the halls of Harrisburg on the movement’s behalf?

Then what if after hearing all that you found out that’s only half the story and that they have been involved with and done so much that it simply takes too long to tell the whole story?

You’d want to help fund it, wouldn’t you?

kcc_logo_thumbWell, that organization is Keystone Cannabis Coalition. Everything that we have done so far was funded by the limited donations that we have received in the last couple years. In addition to all of these things we now have an impressive display when we set up our stand at rallies and events and great looking informational brochures.

We intended to raise $5,000 to fund everything that we wanted to do and accomplish for the summer season. We had some very generous individuals help us and we sold some t-shirts, pins, books and bracelets. When it was all added up though it was only about $2,000 – far below what we actually needed. We used almost all of those funds and now are running on fumes. We are hoping that t-shirt sales at the Wilkes Barre rally will at least get us a couple hundred.

We have high hopes that our hemp bill – either SB50 or HB967 – will pass this year and we are continuing to be a part of the movement to pass the medical cannabis bill, hopefully by this fall. Our decriminalization drives are about to kick into high gear in Lancaster and in Reading. We are pleased to be working also with Lancaster NORML and the Northeastern Pennsylvania Cannabis Network and we will be working with all reform groups to throw an epic rally in Harrisburg.

We are working for statewide decriminalization and full legalization and will be tripling our efforts in that campaign.

We have so much going on and great plans for the future but the lack of support is disheartening and we are actually in danger of being forced to a screeching halt because of lack of funds.

Folks, our mission is important. I often wonder why KCC can not even raise $5,000 when I see all sorts of bullshit organizations raising millions. Perhaps it is because we are too action oriented and concerned more with the cause of ending this insane drug war against the people than we are about raising funds.

weneedyouHonestly, when we set out at the beginning of the year to raise the $5,000 I thought we would raise it easily. I was mistaken. Some of the people who gave the most money to us were the poorest who could not afford it but they gave anyway. Some gave hundreds of dollars but the rest just cheered us on, wished us luck and sat by as we came far short of our meager, modest goal.

Can you help us in our effort to keep fighting for sensible reform in Pennsylvania? We need funds to accomplish our goals. We need donations or someone who knows how to raise funds for us.

Please help!

Thank you.