Lancaster city passes resolution supporting medical marijuana

Lancaster city passes resolution supporting medical marijuana

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Blog

The city of Lancaster took a stance on medical marijuana. Lancaster city council passed a resolution unanimously Tuesday evening supporting two bills in the legislature. If passed, they would make medicinal marijuana legal in Pennsylvania. From council members who lost loved ones to illness to people in the community who’ve been fighting for the legalization of medical marijuana for years, there was a lot of emotion. Now that this resolution has passed, many say the city of Lancaster has a voice.

“We really need to pass this, this legislative season,” said Les Stark, from the Keystone Cannabis Coalition. The state senate is scheduled to vote on the bill on September 16th. Those who brought the resolution to city council hope the city’s stance makes a difference.

“It’s not just polls that show support for this. It’s gaining widespread recognition and it’s important for the legislators to understand this is what the people want,” said Erica McBride, from the Keystone Cannabis Coalition. City council members passed the resolution unanimously. Personal Experiences being the reason for votes.

“Both my parents passed away from cancer. Whether they would have had the opportunity to benefit from it, we’ll never know,” said council member, Pete Soto.

But even those who don’t have close ties to the issue say the drug could make a difference to others in the community.

“Small children, people with disabilities, everyday people who are suffering – if we can’t rally together around that issue then I’m not sure what issue it’s going to take to rally around,” said council member, James Reichenbach.

Nobody spoke out against the resolution. The initial resolution included the decriminalization of marijuana but council decided to just focus on the medical aspect. They may revisit that part in the future.

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