Lancaster Hemp Freedom Rally coverage

Lancaster Hemp Freedom Rally coverage

Posted by on May 17, 2015 in Blog

-e600af4c0bd78b2aLANCASTER —  Dozens of people gathered in Penn Square Saturday afternoon, donning shirts, pins and necklaces, and toting signs indicating their support for the legalization of medical marijuana and industrial hemp.

They were part of the Lancaster Hemp Freedom Rally, the kick-off to a statewide tour that will also include stops in Reading, York and Harrisburg, among others.

Saturday’s rally, organized by the Keystone Cannabis Coalition, took place four days after medical marijuana legalization passed the state Senate by a 40-7 vote. The bill is now being considered by the House Health Committee headed by Matt Baker, R-Tioga County, who said he has no plans to take up any medical marijuana bill, the Associated Press reported.

Les Stark, executive director of the Keystone Cannabis Coalition, said the rally in Lancaster was important for demonstrating public support at the end of a pivotal week in the push to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

“We want to push Matt Baker and the health committee and the rest of the House of Representatives to push through Senate Bill 3,” he said.

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